MG Aero






If you want to compete on the highest level the Aero is all you need!

There are lots of kitebuggys on the market but what makes the Aero special?
This buggy is designed for optimal adjustments for the rider and at the same time easy to produce.
Like all our products we aim to produce the best quality and this is visible in the finishing touch.
We only use high standard materials for maximum pleasure of the buggy, and still for the best price!


* Shiny looks, but also easy to clean
* Revolutionair backaxle mounting, no welding on the axle so 100% straight
* Welded cross for extra strength and minimum torsion in the buggy
* Handy tube for seat mounting
* Sidebars available in two models Small & Large




* Hight adjustment for four positions
* Easy mounting with lockbolts, less tools to mount
* Standard numberplates with best fitting position






* Standard deluxe footsteps with braces
* Length adjustment on the braces
* Adjustable footsteps for optimal postion
* Solid mounting of mudguard








* Horizontal donwtube for best length adjustment of the buggy
* 65° steering angle and adjustable for -3° and +3°
* Rubber protection flap on the mudguard
* Standard 3 Cadkat wheels




model Small Model Large
Backaxle [mm] 1520 1520
Space between sidebars [mm] 440 460
Smallest space between sidebars [mm] 365 385
Height adjustment back axle [mm] 140 140
Wheelbase min / max [mm] 1600 – 1925 1600 – 1925
Weight complete [kg] 46,5 46,5



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