MG Discs

discwheel prod04 960x300





Choose the quality for the right price.

For MG it was a challenge to build a custom wheel for special beach circumstances.
These new discs are made for hard or wet beaches. The use of a 100 mm rim is not new, but the combination with the strong self-designed hub and 3 mm stainless steel spokes makes this wheel a succes.
We don’t need camberbolts to absorb the lateral forces. The MG discs are strong enough to resist these forces.
The prototype had its final test at the World Championships in Cherrueix in France and it survived!
The MG discs were the winning formula.



* Strong double walled aluminium rim
* 2,9 mm stainless steel spokes
* Stainless steel hubs
* Big bearings and 20 mm bolt attachment





* 20 inch 4 1/4 Kenda tires
* Crossed spokes for optimal strenght and minimal load
* Nice black covers available
* Only 4,7 kg
















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