MG Mumba [2011]

Only for the real man!

The Mumba is the newest kite in the MG series. Nearly two years of development and testing have produced a kite which is a real racemonster.
MG improved the quality but still at a good price. To use the kite in the most optimal way we have chosen for nine sizes.
Since the Mumba is an aggressive kite, most of the users are riders for real racing.
That’s why we have our motto; “only for the real man”, you will never get bored using this kite!


* Very low lift
* Fast steering
* Aggressive
* Power control
* Fast acceleration
* High topspeed


* Dirt outs in the tips
* Sheathed dyneema bridle
* Diagonal ribs for bridle reduction
* Special designed crossvents with better efficiency
* High aspect ratio
* Lightweight porcher fabric
* Reinforcements inside the kite at bridle points and leading edge


The Mumba is made in these sizes:

3.2 m2 – 3.9 m2 – 4.8 m2 – 5.9 m2 – 7.2 m2 – 8.7 m2 – 10.4 m2 – 12.3 m2 – 14.4 m2

Kiteflat area [m2]proj. area [m2]flat wing span [cm]aspect ratioproj. aspect rationr. of cells
Mumba 10.410.48.927835.904.3645
Mumba 12.312.310.558525.904.3645
Mumba 14.414.412.359225.904.3645