MG Sniper [2010]

 The Sniper is designed as a intermediate kite for people who wants more. Whether you want to ride for fun or starting to ride races the Sniper is the best choice.
With only six sizes in the set you have the minimum kites to ride with each windlevel. The sizes are selected to ride from 2 Bft up to 10 Bft.
The main view of MG is to deliver the best quality for the best price. The Sniper is manufactured by specialists in building paragliders. The best materials are used in the best way to give the kite the maximum performance. While it is an intermediate kite we have chosen for reinforcements at the leading edge, inlets and towpoints.


* High flying speed
* Easy and quick handeling in steering
* Low lift
* Agressive but predictable power


* Double needle stitches seams
* Reinforcements inside the kite at bridle points and leading edge
* Profiles made from 50D fabric
* Dirt-outs in the tips
* Diagonal ribs for bridle reduction
* Sheathed dyneema bridle
* Medium high Aspect ratio


The sniper is made in these sizes:

2.3 m2 –  3.2 m2 –  4.3 m2 –  5.7 m2 –  7.4 m2 –  9.7 m2

Kiteflat area [m2]proj. area [m2]flat wing span   [cm]aspect ratioproj. aspect   rationr. of cells