MG AerobiC [2012]

If you are living on the edge of kitebuggy try the freestyle AerobiC.

To increase our buggy range we think the AerobiC is the option to for freestyle. The simple design and easy manufacturing makes it a nice buggy.
The NO-nonsense and hufterproof kitebuggy for jumping, tricks or just fun. We have chosen for bigfoots to have the optimal use on the beach.


* Shiny looks, but also easy to clean
* Same sidebars as Aero for good support
* Flared sidebars for better stiffness
* Fork made of bended tube

* 3D mudguard standard
* Footpegs wit adjustable braces
* Big M20 balbearing steeringjoint
* Hufterproof 60×6 downtube
* Light and fullsize wheels possible

* 130 cm wide backaxle for easy moving and stunting
* Wide mounting of the sidebars for very stiff construction
* Backsupport for extra comfort
* Two hights possible for mounting backaxle

model Standard
Backaxle [mm] 1300
Space between sidebars [mm] 430
Smallest space between sidebars [mm] 355
Height adjustment back axle [mm] 110
Wheelbase min / max [mm] 1600 – 1800
Weight complete [kg] 43 (fullsize)
  • AerobiC01
  • AerobiC02
  • AerobiC03
  • AerobiC04
  • AerobiC05
  • AerobiC06
  • AerobiC07
  • AerobiC08
  • AerobiC09
  • AerobiC10
  • AerobiC11
  • AerobiC12
  • AerobiC13


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