MG Simplex [2014]

Simplex: we keep it simple, but still extreme.

We stopped producing the Aerobic and Aero to make some space for new products.
Besides the real racebuggy the Supra we also want a buggy like this rookie.
The new buggy just below the Supra is called Simplex. We call it simple, but still extreme.
Overall the well known MG quality and well thought construction.
Strong massive buggy and the little brother of the Supra.



* The famous priciple to mount the backaxle with clamps
* No cross in the buggy, so the back is a little bit adjustable
* Sidebars Ø38 mm


* Divided backaxle, prepared for easier shipment (USA)
* Strong backaxle, Ø 48,3 mm with 3,25 mm thickness
* Good shaped number plates which fit good below the padding and the sidebars


* Strong downtube 60×60 mm
* Extra reinforcement in top angle of the downtube
* Special easy downtube clamp, just two bolts on top of the plates


* Bended frontframe to prevent hooking the lines
* Flat footpegs for more comfort
* Standard footbraces
* Standard unbreakable mudguard
* M20 headstock bolt and bearings


Total weight for whole setup with fullsize wheels 43 kg
Backaxle 1400 mm
Wheelbase 1475 mm to 1675 mm
430 mm between sidebars at the highest point
385 mm between sidebars at smallest point
60 degrees steering angle


MG introduces the Simplex in a new way.
To be the first one in the market, we sell this buggy as a package.
We provide all the needed materials and instruction to mount the buggy yourself.
What is included a Simplex order:

Sidebars – foam – hoses – buggyseat
Fork – frontaxle – MG mudguard
Downtube – bearings
Backaxle – axel clamps
Footpegs – braces
Bolts – everything to mount complete buggy
Numberplates – velcro to mount – simplex sticker – (race number)
3 Wheels (cadkat fullsize and Duro)

package simplex