MG Controls
small ones – 35 cm
€ 33,00
large ones – 45 cm
€ 35,00

MG controls are made of aluminium tube Ø22 mm surrounded with foam for optimal and soft grip.
Adjustable lines to setup to your own wishes. No more surprises of the worn lines in the handles.

MG Spreaderbar 360
€ 90,00

Complete made of stainless steel.
All bolts/nuts used are M10.
2 ball bearings in the wheel and 1 ball bearing in the rotator.


MG Kitebuggyseat
€ 141,00

The MG Aero seat is made of durable cordura.
The shape of the seat is chosen to fit lots of kitebuggys. So as sparepart for your Aero or just for a homemade buggy. At the back two tunnels as groundpin holder.


MG Mudguard
€ 57,59

Unbreakable mudguard.
Fits between forks from 25 cm to 32 cm.
Tubes upto Ø32 mm.
see more info at kitebuggy page


Complete fullsize wheels € p.o.r

Complete set with cadkat rim, bushes and bearings, duro tire with rills.


Cadkat rims € p.o.r

Fullsize rim for tire 21×12-8.
Including bearings and bushes.


Bigfoot tire € p.o.r.

Duro bigfoot wheel, 21×12-8. Complete with rills.


MG Discs

20 inch 4 1/4
100 mm wide rim
20 mm bearing mounting
3 mm sink spokes
stainless steel hub
option: black covers
see more info at kitebuggy page


Pullbar € 65,00

Stainless steel pullbar for the buggy. This bar can also be splitted to use as tandem connection. Polished finishing like the Aero.