Slowly we start again.
First updating the website a little bit.
Repairing some problems with the website.
In the meantime to freshen up what MG Kites did check out the movie page.

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Supra for sale

bannersupra 960x300

Because we want to make some space for a new generation kitebuggys we need to sell the last three Supra’s.
So take your change to have the last one of this unique kitebuggy.
The only buggy that fits all, ajustable in several sizes, both length and width.
Height adjustment, angle adjustment of the fork, comfortable flat footpegs with braces.
No nonsense of options.
Now available for just 1400 euro

(Or a used one with brand new wheels for just 1250 euro)




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New project

alle bugs

Through the years we build several buggies.
CrooZer, Aero, Aerobic, Supra, Simplex and a proto called Reverse.

We stopped producing these buggies and the last ones are almost sold.
Now it is time to start a new project.
A kitebuggy which is different than all the others. We already have some ideas to delete crucial parts and replace them by new principles.
The kitebuggy must have a new genaration. Not just changing the looks but start from zero.

So let’s start designing and making drawings.
We hope to build the new one 2016 as a test.

Contact us for the last few buggies we have.


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