New project

alle bugs

Through the years we build several buggies.
CrooZer, Aero, Aerobic, Supra, Simplex and a proto called Reverse.

We stopped producing these buggies and the last ones are almost sold.
Now it is time to start a new project.
A kitebuggy which is different than all the others. We already have some ideas to delete crucial parts and replace them by new principles.
The kitebuggy must have a new genaration. Not just changing the looks but start from zero.

So let’s start designing and making drawings.
We hope to build the new one 2016 as a test.

Contact us for the last few buggies we have.


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We will take some rest from 08-08-2015 till 24-08-2015.
After this we are back again to answer your questions and take the orders.






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Closing down sale

We don’t run production anymore and we still have some last products for sale.
So these are the very last ones which are for sale now.
gone = gone!
Please only order by email,

Spreaderbar 360 (2 pieces)
70 euro

Ass21 1024x768









MG controls large 45 cm (3 sets) 25 euro each
MG controls small 35 cm (3 sets) 23 euro each










Handle foam, set is two foambars and two caps.
3 euro a set (10x)










New Pullbar (5x)
65 euro

Ass04 1024x768









Iceskates deluxe (1 set)
Including front end and wooden back axle for Aero.
400 euro

100_5008 - kopie









Sniper (red)
1x new 4.3 mtr 200 euro
1x used 4.3 mtr 140 euro

Sniper02 600x800











1x new 5.9 mtr 400 euro
1x new 8.7 mtr 450 euro
1x new 12.3 mtr 500 euro









new Baston 2.9  245 euro (5x)
new Baston 2.4  210 euro (6x)
new Baston 2.0  185 euro (6x)










Supra kitebuggy (4x)
1775 euro

bannersupra 960x300







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MG production stops
















After many years of MG kites it is time for a new direction.
MG kites started as a hobby and has grown into a company.
We are known for several products which are all MG designs;

Cooper, CrooZer, Sniper, Aero, Mumba, Supra, Aerobic, Reverse, Baston, Simplex, Mudguard, Vertical and other small products.

MG kites stops producing these products.
We do not build commercial products anymore.
For the future we want to engage us with the development of technical stuff and building prototypes.
Not for commercial use but just for own use.
We continue to look for new concepts.

We want to thank everybody who ever supported MG kites. Without you people we could not exist.
Keep in touch with the website and facebook. Next week we will post our deals for the last stock products.

Greetings Maarten de Graauw


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Improved quality

MG kites makes the designs for the products.
Most of the products are not produced by MG kites but by specialized companies.
For example for the weldings we use a company that is specialized in roll cages for all kind of cars and also make trikes for paragliding.
These products must be made with high accuracy.




MG kites has made around 230 kitebuggys and among these buggies we had about 8 downtubes (Aero model) that had defects on the weldings.
To give an indication this is 3,47 %.
Of course this is not good and not allowed. It is not known what went wrong but from a certified we may not expect this.
The customers that contacted us with these defects we offerd some solutions.
Think of replacement, repair or some compensation for own repair.
Not all customers accepted our support or solutions, we regret this.

For the future downtubes we took some actions and we accepted some support from a welding institute.
Here below you can see some checks of a new downtube.
It got two extra plates in the upper angle to give some reinforcement and extra surface for welding.
From a series of 13 we cut 4 downtubes to check the weldings.
Here some pictures of the results.
We hope that we informed you that we do take care for our products and that we aspire for better products.

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