Succesful start of MG


20140921 team MGThis weekend we had the first races of the new Dutch championship season 2014-2015.
For the riders of team MG it was a very succesfull weekend.
Saturday it was a low wind day with one master race which was realy working.
Sunday the wind was much better and we had 3 open races and 2 master races.

Marcel has shown this weekend that the mumba can compete with kites like the chrono, vapor, quantum, zebra.
He left them all behind!




20140921 wouter

For Wouter it was one of his very first real races. There was some competition from the Germans and it was hard.
But despite some small mistakes and learning moments he managed to reach the 2nd place for the juniors.
Also in the overall open class he had a very good position between the other pilots.




20140921 kim

Kim was again unbeatableĀ in the women’s class.
This season it’s her target for a good overall place between the men in the open class.
And she did it with a 3th Dutch position.
Well done!




20140921 marcelFinally Marcel made this weekend wonderfull with a 1st place in the Masterclass.
With the lowwind race on Saturday he was too fast with the Mumba 14,4 mtr.
In the last round he made a mistake and this cost him his 1st place.
But also a good 2nd place.
He got revenge on Sunday with lots of more wind.
Also with the smaller mumba’s we was unbeatable with a 1st and 4th place.
Overall result 1st!


All riders congratulations with these good results.
You have shown that MG participate in the summit!









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