Closing down sale

We don’t run production anymore and we still have some last products for sale.
So these are the very last ones which are for sale now.
gone = gone!
Please only order by email,

Spreaderbar 360 (2 pieces)
70 euro

Ass21 1024x768









MG controls large 45 cm (3 sets) 25 euro each
MG controls small 35 cm (3 sets) 23 euro each










Handle foam, set is two foambars and two caps.
3 euro a set (10x)










New Pullbar (5x)
65 euro

Ass04 1024x768









Iceskates deluxe (1 set)
Including front end and wooden back axle for Aero.
400 euro

100_5008 - kopie









Sniper (red)
1x new 4.3 mtr 200 euro
1x used 4.3 mtr 140 euro

Sniper02 600x800











1x new 5.9 mtr 400 euro
1x new 8.7 mtr 450 euro
1x new 12.3 mtr 500 euro









new Baston 2.9  245 euro (5x)
new Baston 2.4  210 euro (6x)
new Baston 2.0  185 euro (6x)










Supra kitebuggy (4x)
1775 euro

bannersupra 960x300







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