MG production stops
















After many years of MG kites it is time for a new direction.
MG kites started as a hobby and has grown into a company.
We are known for several products which are all MG designs;

Cooper, CrooZer, Sniper, Aero, Mumba, Supra, Aerobic, Reverse, Baston, Simplex, Mudguard, Vertical and other small products.

MG kites stops producing these products.
We do not build commercial products anymore.
For the future we want to engage us with the development of technical stuff and building prototypes.
Not for commercial use but just for own use.
We continue to look for new concepts.

We want to thank everybody who ever supported MG kites. Without you people we could not exist.
Keep in touch with the website and facebook. Next week we will post our deals for the last stock products.

Greetings Maarten de Graauw


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