Dutch Championship

kimeerstetexel14 & 15 June we had the finals of the Dutch championship.
With good windconditions ans nice weather it is always one of the best raceweekends of the year.
Great big beach, only with rough sand.
With seven races and some nice results we can say that she is unbeatable.
Again Kim is first of the womenclass.
But with the overall results also between the men she is a threat to many.
With a 8th place she left some men behind.

Congratulations with the number one position of the weekend!




With his second race of this year we can say it is the best newcomer.woutereerstetexel
Wouter (H4) is a talented boy of just 16 years old and takes part of the Junioren class.
This weekend Wouter did his races with the MG Mumba and the MG Simplex.
Proved to be a nice combination for him and good for a first place.
For a newby also a good performance in the open class.
Next season Wouter will be part of the MG team and will ride for MG.
He will reinforce the representation with the Simplex and the Mumba.
We expect some nice progress of this guy.
Soon we will expand the teamriders page with some more info of Wouter.
Welcome to the team!!



kimnk2014As closing race of the Dutch season we also can say the is unbeatable.
Like previous years Kim is again the Dutch Champ.
Well done girl! Congratulations!

I heard she has the goal for next season to reach the top 5 of the open overall between the men.
So watch out!

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Simplex the new buggy








We are almost ready to deliver officialy the Simplex buggy.
Now it is just waiting for the new seats and then it is available.
The new Simplex buggy is the replacement of the Aerobic and Aero.
It is the younger brother of the Supra with some similarities.
The Simplex is placed in a new way in the market, you can find at the page.
We provide the best price for a full racebuggy.

** simplex page**

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Easter races

YannickosternThis weekend there were the German Easter Races at SPO.
It was a good weekend with nice weather and some nice races.
Two of our teamriders managed to reach the stage.
Congratulation to

Yannick,  3th place in the Junioren
Fin, 3th place in the Open class





RAUL02In Spain there was also a race weekend from the AEKB.
We received a nice message from Raul Fernandez.
Just before the races he bought a set MG Mumba’s.
It is quite impressive that he reached the 3th place without any practice with the kites.
Wel done Raul!!
Good luck with the kites for the next races.

Here a small movie from him.




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MG available/contact

openSome people don’t know that we are not available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
We do our best to answer as soon as possible to your questions.
And we are also glad to tell that from 01-03-2014 we are also available on wednesday afternoon.




Mon:        17:00-22:00
Tue:         17:00-22:00
Wed:        12:30-22:00
Thu:         17:00-22:00
Fri:           17:00-22:00
Sat:            8:00-22:00
Sun:           8:00-22:00

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Thanks to Nick

Now short after the leaving from Bram also Nick decided to stop kitebuggy.
He is very busy with his study and also have to leave Holland next year for his school.
Besides kitebuggy he also spend some time on the water with his kitesurfgear.
This all together is too much for the next coming months.
We hope for the future that when he is back with some more time he will join the MG team again.

We also want to thank Nick (H12) for his presence in the MG team for Holland.
He started kitebuggy in 2007 but we saw that this guy had some potential to win.
In 2010 he managed to become nr 1 in the open class.
His first MG stuff was the Croozer buggy.
Last years he had drive the Aero and the Mumba.
During his time at MG kites he also helped with testing prototypes or somethimes mounting buggies.
Talking a lot about kitestuff and development.
We will miss this!
We wish you good luck with your study and the future.
And he kows, there will always be some kitebuggy stuff ready in Tilburg.

You can find some of his stuff for sale at the page second hand…..


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